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In the last month, the COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically changed the lives of families, youth, and children across Oregon. Parents and caregivers are losing jobs, schools and childcare programs are closed, and the daily fabric of our community has been adjusting to Governor Brown’s Executive Order, “Stay Home, Save Lives,” as we navigate this public health crisis.

As our community works to address the overwhelming challenges of keeping children safe during the COVID-19 emergency, we can help invest in our future now by participating in the 2020 Census and ensuring that all babies, toddlers, and young children are counted!

Children and families in Oregon rely on resources and services that are funded by the federal government based on census data. Funding for school lunch programs, quality child care, foster care services, education programs for children with disabilities, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance program is determined by how many people get counted in your community. The number of US Representatives allocated to each state is also determined by the census, and Oregon may gain one more Congressional member based on population predictions if all Oregonians are counted in the census. That’s why it’s so important that you fill out your census today – and count every person in your household!

The 2020 census has never been easier to complete, and you can do it right at home. You can be a part of the Census Challenge and go to my2020 census.gov or call 1-844-330-2020. Need help in a language other than English? You can respond to the census in a number of languages.