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Our Research and Data Justice Statement

Data is Central to our Work

Using a targeted universalism framework, our data-informed strategy and policy recommendations spur legislators and public officials to back systemic solutions, investing in – and elevating the voices of – Oregon’s children in greatest need.

By providing reliable, up-to-date data reflecting different regions and demographics, we enrich discussions about child well-being and support child advocates and decision-makers in better serving their communities.

Latest Publications

Explore our publications and interactive data tools to gain insights into the well-being of Oregon’s children.

Decoding Oregon’s Literacy Crisis — Why Reading Matters and What Solutions Work

Our Children Oregon is excited to release our latest issue brief: Decoding Oregon’s Literacy Crisis—Why Reading Matters and What Solutions Work in collaboration with Decoding Dyslexia Oregon...

A Vision for Child Welfare Reform: Issue Brief

Produced by Our Children Oregon with leadership from OCO social work intern, Marris Alden, MSW Candidate, this issue brief provides a longitudinal environmental scan of efforts to reform complements the work of Oregon's Vision for Transformation and Our Children Oregon's issue brief...

Oregon’s Child Care Conundrum: Hurdles, Disparities, and Opportunities Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Smart local, state, and federal investments can expand child care resources and reduce costs, alleviating the burdens facing children, families, providers, and the greater economy. Read the issue brief to learn more about the state of child care in Oregon.

Safe, Supported, and Cherished—Child Welfare System Reform in Oregon: Issue Brief

What if Oregon’s child welfare system were a place where children and families could always go to be safe, supported, and cherished? Imagine for a minute what that would look like. What would it take to get there?

National KIDS COUNT Publications

Combining data from trusted national resources and state organizations, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT Data Center provides an easy-to-use, in-depth, online database able to generate custom reports across different indicators, locations, and topics...

Oregon KIDS COUNT Data Cards

Our Children Oregon has served as Oregon’s state KIDS COUNT partner (a program of the Annie E. Casey Foundation) for over two decades. We support the mission of KIDS COUNT to ensure unbiased and high-quality data about child well-being is accessible to the public...