Oregon, when we act together,

All Children Thrive.

All Children Thrive—a shared value, a call-to-action.

All children thrive when they have the resources to be stably housed, fed, access health care, excel in their education, feel nurtured and safe, and experience happiness and belonging in their communities. In short, when they have the opportunities, regardless of race or place, to live into their full potential.

Did you know that one in five Oregonians is under the age of 18?

We can ACT together to safeguard and uplift this next generation of children and young people by prioritizing them in equitable, transformative policy decisions. Be a part of Our Children Oregon’s All Children Thrive Collective (ACT) and join a committed group of advocates for Oregon’s future.

ACT Members are committed to:

Advancing racial equity and dismantling systems that oppress

Centering children and families in investments and policy decisions

Actively learning and taking action on issues impacting children and families

The ACT Collective includes individuals, organizations, community and faith-based groups, and small businesses and companies committed to improving child well-being statewide! Join on behalf of your organization or as an individual. Collectively, let’s create a culture of democracy that elevates community voice and holds accountable our elected officials to meet the interconnected needs of Oregon’s future.

Will you join us and speak up in support of Oregon’s children?
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What does membership in ACT look like?


Participate in FREE training, webinars, and family-friendly events to develop, strengthen, and flex your advocacy skills.


Learn more about issues impacting children and families, including legislation updates and recent data.

Impact and Civic Engagement:

Sign on to opt-in collective action efforts and connect with committed Oregonians statewide.

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