Take Action

Creating Change Requires a Collective Effort

In order to create lasting change for Oregon’s children, we need widespread community involvement.
Use our Advocacy Toolkit below to take action, fight for change, and stand up for all of Oregon’s children.

Who represents you?

Start a Conversation

Talking to your legislator is one of the simplest ways to be an advocate for Oregon’s children. You can email, call, write, or schedule an in-person meeting with your elected officials. When contacting your representative, identify yourself as a constituent by stating your name and address. Make one simple, clear request, such as supporting or opposing a specific bill or policy. Include the reasons why you care about the issue. Be sure to mention how the bill or policy would affect your community and Oregon’s children. If you have a personal story, share it! Tip: Be courteous to your representative and their legislative staff.

Show Up & Participate in Town Halls

You can interact with legislators and other community members at lobby days and town halls. Lobby days are your opportunity to join advocates and community members in meeting elected officials and showing support for specific issues and important legislation. Town halls are community-wide meetings where Oregonians can share the issues that are most important to them with elected officials and engage in a dialogue with legislators and members of the community.  


Children can’t vote, but you can represent their needs and interests at the ballot box. Click here to register to vote or update your voter registration.

Want More Ways to get Involved?