As we move into 2021, we are busy finalizing the 2021 Children’s Agenda. The Children’s Agenda serves as a comprehensive roadmap to the policy solutions and investments necessary to create an Oregon where our children and youth are able to achieve their highest potential. With the contributions and voices of 115 partners from across the state, this unifying, equity-centered platform sets the course towards improved whole child well-being. The 7th annual Children’s Agenda will be officially released on January 19th to coincide with the opening of the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session. 

For this year, the Steering Committee opted to review the Governor’s Recommended Budget (GRB) in early December and elevate policies and investments that center racial justice and significantly impact children and families, alongside the concepts partners submitted earlier in the fall to the Agenda. 

Additionally, the Steering Committee of the Children’s Agenda updated the assessment criteria for legislative concepts and to help identify potential priorities of the 2021 Children’s Agenda. Concept submissions underwent weighted scoring with the equity (50%) and impact (35%) sections accounting for most of the possible points. To ensure the Children’s Agenda elevates BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) voices and centers racial justice concepts, the concept limit was waived for BIPOC organizations this year. All other partner organizations were still able to submit up to two concepts, as in previous years. 

We want to extend our appreciation to the Children’s Agenda Steering Committee for the many hours they have spent these past several months supporting the development of the 2021 Children’s Agenda. Their knowledge, strategic thinking, and most importantly, their passion to envision an Oregon where all our children have the resources necessary to thrive, has been invaluable. On behalf of the Our Children Oregon staff and all the Children Agenda partners, we extend our thanks to:

We look forward to releasing the 2021 Children’s Agenda next week and to working with our partners, advocates, and legislators to center racial justice as we advocate in 2021. Together, we can be a force for Oregon’s children by championing the policies and investments that will put us on a path for an equitable recovery.