Our Work

Child Abuse Prevention

For more than three decades, we have invested in programs that support thriving childhoods and healthy families. We connect and uplift parent education, relief nurseries, and home visiting organizations across Oregon to address the root causes of child abuse by increasing their capacity to champion prevention efforts that support whole child well-being. 


Policy & Advocacy

Our Children Oregon connects a coalition of state and community-based organizations through The Children’s Agenda to create a holistic legislative agenda to benefit Oregon’s children and families by advocating decision-makers to prioritize impactful, equitable, and community-driven policies and investments. Launched in 2014, the Children’s Agenda supports the collective work of partners, advocates, and policymakers so that we can powerfully show up for Oregon’s children. 

Research & Data

We elevate existing research on child well-being and highlight the lived realities of diverse communities through a strong equity lens in order to amplify the voices and needs of children and families. Our research and data work strategically informs and strengthens our advocacy with reliable reporting and data tools to inform advocates, policymakers, and families across all regions of Oregon.


Action & Engagement

Through civic engagement, education, and advocacy opportunities, our programs bring together youth, families, and committed organizations and advocates to improve child well-being in Oregon towards building a future where all children thrive.