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As yet another school shooting leaves families and communities shattered, Our Children Oregon grieves with the loved ones of those children and teachers in Uvalde killed in yesterday’s act of gun violence. Our schools should be safe spaces for our children to learn, build relationships, and grow towards a thriving future. When we send our children to school each morning, we are sending them with the notion that they will practice their independence, discover their potential, and each day become more the person they hope to be. When we send our children to school each morning there is a shared agreement that children will come home that afternoon. We put our trust in school systems, under the guardianship of educators, to nurture not only their development but their physical bodies as well and keep them safe from harm.

As advocates for children and parents of little ones ourselves, we are wrestling with the devastation that comes as these events become horrifyingly familiar. In our anger and sadness, thoughts and prayers are insufficient. Elected officials have not done enough, despite having countless chances to pass sensible gun safety laws. In 2022 alone, this inaction has resulted in 27 preventable school shootings nationwide. We must hold lawmakers accountable to pass effective legislation to reduce and eradicate gun violence. Our educators deserve better. Our communities deserve better. Our children deserve better. 


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