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Our Children Oregon denounces the violent, white nationalist attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday in what was an attempt to stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s election win and undermine our democracy. We condemn the law enforcement response to this attack that reinforced the racist double standard that exists and persists in our nation between white and BIPOC communities. Further, it was unacceptable that the confederate flag was flown in the halls of our government and we acknowledge that many in our community are experiencing deep pain at seeing this allowed. 

We call upon the incoming administration of President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris to hold elected officials accountable to their oaths to protect our constitution and to dismantle the threats to our democratic institutions. We must fight to preserve and protect our democracy at every turn—the future of our children is at stake and the children of Oregon deserve nothing less.  

We celebrate the actions of the senate floor staff of Oregon’s own Senator Jeff Merkley, who had the bravery and quick-thinking to ensure the electoral college ballots were safely rescued from the senate floor during the Capitol breach. Their courage in this dark moment for our nation is a reminder of the fragility of our democracy and of our individual roles to fight for a more just future.


Whole child well-being encapsulates more than just basic needs and education, it includes mental health needs, a sense of safety and belonging.

Many children will look to their caregivers, educators, and trusted adults in times of uncertainty, stress, and fear. Now is such a time with the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday compounding the stressors of the pandemic. Make space for the children in your life always, but especially in these difficult moments—validate their feelings and provide them a safe space to talk, share, and connect. Here are a few resources to help guide these conversations: