Our Children Oregon’s paid Equity in Policy and Advocacy Internship program meaningfully contributes to advancing our mission while developing essential skills and providing unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Meet our Winter 2022 interns: Ivana and Nallely! 

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Ivana Dang (she/her), Policy Intern

Located in Portland, Ivana is working on her graduate degree at OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. She is looking forward to learning and gaining direct experience in advocacy and policy work. Additionally, she wants to understand the dynamics of how OCO is working towards creating an equitable future for all Oregon children while collaborating with a diverse set of partners and individuals. 

What values drive you? Why did this internship stand out for you?

The mission and vision from OCO about whole-child well-being are so strong and something that truly resonates with me. My previous experience involved working with children and families directly, and I wanted to expand my experience and knowledge into advocacy and policy work. There have been long-standing oppression and inequities that have resulted in pervasive health disparities, which have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. I’m passionate about working towards creating equitable health access and opportunity in which everyone can thrive.

What’s a passion of yours you’ve acted on? 

I have always grown up surrounded by animals, and I would love to one day be able to foster animals. I currently have a dog and don’t have the space to take in any more animals but I would love to help foster someday.

Standout books or podcasts that speak to you?

A book I read that was very impactful to me is Being Mortal by Atuwal Gawande. This book re-examined how we view death and aging, and how our healthcare system treats these topics. I found this book very poignant and timely, especially since our population of older adults is only growing and projected to have an immense increase within the next decade. 

What superpower did you want as a child? What superpower would you want now? 

As a child, I loved X-men and wanted to control the weather like Storm. If I had that superpower today, I would create a few more sunny days in Oregon.

Nallely Martinez (she/her), Community Engagement Intern

Nallely, based in Portland, is pursuing her undergraduate degree at Portland State University.  She is looking forward to working with OCO to empower children and communities.

What values drive you? Why did this internship stand out for you?

Passion in the work I do is the most important thing to me. I am passionate about work that supports movements of change and equality.

Standout books or podcasts that speak to you?

One of the books I’ve been actively reading is A Year of Positive Thinking. I picked it out since I wanted to work more on daily affirmations and feel this book has helped me reevaluate myself in all aspects.

What superpower did you want as a child? What superpower would you want now?

As a child, I wanted the ability to fly. I just thought it would be neat to go to different parts of the world without worrying about the traveling part. Now as an adult, the ability to heal would probably be my choice. I would be able to help myself and everyone with any health issues which I’ve noticed could be very helpful to daily life.

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