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In the 2018 election, Oregonians have plenty of opportunities to stand up for children and families with their vote. From health care and racial profiling to fair housing and tax changes, there’s a lot at stake. In order to further our goal of building an Oregon where all children thrive, Children First for Oregon makes the following endorsements for your November ballot:



Measure 102: YES

Allows local governments, non-profits, and private organizations to work together to create more affordable housing — something governments and the private sector are prevented from doing under current law. Measure 102 will make affordable housing dollars go further, reducing the strain of Oregon’s affordable housing crisis on low-income families and their children.


Measure 103: NO

An unnecessary change to the Oregon constitution that would permanently carve out a wide range of certain business transactions from any taxes or fees. Measure 103 prioritizes these companies above any future needs of Oregon’s children, making it harder to support families.


Measure 104: NO

Extends the current supermajority requirement in the state legislature beyond taxes, making it harder to eliminate tax loopholes. Measure 104 would create unprecedented gridlock in Salem and jeopardize funding for schools, health care, and critical services that Oregon children and families rely on.


Measure 105: NO

Repeals a 30-year-old bipartisan law that was passed to protect Oregonians from unfair racial profiling. Measure 105 would increase racial profiling, erode trust between immigrants and local law enforcement, and put more families at risk of being torn apart.


Measure 106: NO

Limits access to reproductive health care for public employees and low-income Oregonians by prohibiting public funds to be spent on abortions. We must protect every person’s ability to decide when & whether to become a parent, and maintain access to the full range of reproductive health care.