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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, January 30, 2020, 12:01 a.m. PST
Contact: Chris Coughlin | chrisc@cffo.org | 503-236-9754 | 503-312-8178

Over 100 Organizations Urge Legislators to Act on Solutions for Kids. 2020 Children’s Agenda outlines policy changes needed to improve child well-being.PORTLAND, Oregon — Children First for Oregon (CFFO), alongside a coalition of 120 leading advocacy organizations, has released the 2020 Children’s Agenda — a comprehensive legislative agenda that unites our community to propose solutions and investments aimed at addressing the most pressing problems facing children and families in Oregon. The Children’s Agenda compiles policy solutions aimed at improving the health, safety, education, and economic security of children across the state. Children’s Agenda concepts are reviewed and compiled by a diverse steering committee of community partners and prioritized because of the beneficial impact on all Oregon children, especially for those who have been historically underserved, including children of color and children experiencing disabilities. This year’s agenda prioritizes expanding transitional services for foster youth, improving responses to child abuse, juvenile justice reforms, strengthening families through support for incarcerated mothers and their children, and investing into the safety, preservation, and sovereignty of our native children and tribal communities. “Children’s needs are not only diverse, they’re deeply intertwined,” explained Chris Coughlin, Legislative Director of Children First for Oregon. “Kids rely us us to ensure our state is providing the fuel needed for a healthy childhood like good learning opportunities, nutritious food, physical and mental health services, safe, affordable housing, and supportive relationships and communities. The absence of just one can put a child’s future success in jeopardy.” “We urge the Legislature to act on solutions that eliminate disparities and create a level playing field for all our children” says Jenifer Wagley, Executive Director of CFFO. “ We are in a moment of shared urgency to move the needle for our children.  These policies are necessary for providing a strong foundation for Oregon’s future generations, and to ensuring all our children have the consistent, reliable, and effective flow of resources they need to thrive.” In the past five legislative sessions, the majority of policy items in the Children’s Agenda were successful. To download the 2020 Children’s Agenda, visit https://www.cffo.org About the Children’s Agenda A program of Children First for Oregon, The Children’s Agenda convenes a community of 120 advocates, coalitions and organizations to champion state legislative policies and shared investments that benefit children’s health, safety, economic security and education. Learn more at www.cffo.org