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The month of November marks the observation of Native Heritage Month. This month encourages recognition, celebration, and honoring of the diverse cultures, traditions, histories, contributions, and present-day experiences of Indigenous peoples. The land now known as Oregon is home to Indigenous communities of 70,000 strong, descended from more than 380 Tribes, of which 9 are federally recognized.

As settlers on this land, we continue to learn and listen, to better understand and act on our shared responsibility towards restoration and reparations to the oppression endured by Indigenous communities historically and through ongoing impacts of colonization including health inequities and cultural erasure. 

Join us this month (and year-round) in learning and taking tangible, material steps in support of Indigenous communities throughout Oregon.

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Map of Federally Recognized Tribes in Oregon

Land Acknowledgement Projects and Practices

Native Land Digital is an app to help map Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages.

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