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Across this beautiful state, organizations focused on improving the lives of Oregon’s children and youth are uniting, driven by the knowledge that collectively we are the agents of change that we’ve longed for. Our Children Oregon, alongside over 140 partners, focuses solely on improving the lives of children and their families. And that’s where you come in; the children and youth of our state need you to lean in, to unite, to join us so together we can continue to create a meaningful, system-level change for Oregon’s kids.

Uniting for Quality Education Statewide

We know what it takes to help children, youth, and teachers thrive. We know that all children, no matter their race, place, identity or ability, deserve high-quality, public education. And yet, Oregon ranks 44th in educational outcomes when compared to other states across the nation. This is largely due to a systemic failure in providing research-aligned reading instruction.

What’s needed? All of us — Oregonians across the state uniting and acting together to support the students of today and tomorrow, and to transform the systems of yesterday.

Uniting Together = Impact

Your support is pivotal for Oregon’s children.

A gift of $5, $35, or $500 today reflects your dedication to:



Uniting for upstream change so we don’t need to continue patching down stream disparities.


Our values connect us, and our vision for the well-being of Oregon’s children propel us to act for change.

A Strong
Social Fabric:

Re-imagining and re-invigorating our communities through proactive engagement and educational initiatives for the benefit of children.

The time to act is now. Join us, and stand with us as we work to shape a brighter future.
Together, we are the formidable force for children we’ve long been waiting for.