Unveiling the 2023 Kids Count Data

Elevating Child Well-Being
in Oregon

Join us December 5th,
12:00pm - 1:00pm [PST] | VIRTUAL

Join Our Children Oregon for an in-depth exploration of the 2023 Oregon Kids Count data. This online event spotlights the experiences and well-being of Oregon’s children by delving into various aspects of child well-being within our state, from education and healthcare to family support, all through the lens of Kids Count’s data-driven insights.

Hosted on Zoom, this event unites our community with a shared mission – ensuring a brighter future for Oregon’s children. The 2023 Kids Count data provides a clear snapshot of child well-being in Oregon and serves as a vital tool for evaluating advocacy and policy impact on families. Together, we will identify areas where progress has been made and those that require renewed attention.

This event is also a call to action and an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, taking a significant step towards achieving tangible improvements. Join us to help pave the way for a more promising and prosperous future for Oregon’s children. 

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