Testimony 101 [Crafting your story series]

Thu, Sep 15, 2022

This event is part of the ACT 101 Training Series which consists of 3-big topics featuring 2 workshops in each. This free series will support attendees in building skills in advocacy and civic engagement. Storytelling is fundamental to human societies – and therefore, to social change. But not all stories are created equal. This training series hosted by FrameWorks’ is designed to teach more effective ways of establishing narratives that set up policy thinking and enable large-scale social change.

When it comes to giving legislative testimony, received wisdom is to share a story, to make it compelling, but to keep it short! In this session, drawing from the insights learned in Storytelling 101, we looked at some example testimony (good, better, and best) to help participants build comfort with utilizing framing strategies that help testimony DO everything that it can do. Participants also had the opportunity to practice creating, giving, and getting feedback in order to support one another in implementing and sustaining this practice going forward.