Organizing 101 [Civic Engagement Basics series]

Thu, Aug 18, 2022

This event is part of the ACT 101 Training Series which consists of 3-big topics featuring 2 workshops in each. This free series will support attendees in building skills in advocacy and civic engagement.

Hosted by Oregon Student Voice‘s alumnus, Jackson Weinberg, this training will center around how to organize a group to initiate change in your community. In the session, we discussed how to start and run a team as well as organizational styles to lead your team such as team first leadership. In addition, the training covered methods to network with others to increase the effectiveness of your group through forming partnerships. Following, the training dove into how to use organization to advocate for a common cause and featured a nonprofit advocacy organization to share their tips and how their organization methods attributed to their success.  The strategies discussed in this training are universal in that they can be applied in forming a new team or developing an existing team.